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Recent news Edit

24th August 2009 – Kirkburn's BlizzCon 2009 Report

Kirkburn has written up his first-hand experiences of worgen and goblin starting areas - check it out at WoWWiki:Kirkburn's BlizzCon 2009 Report.

1st July 2009 – BlizzCon 2009 ticket contest winners!

View the winners here. Congratulations, and thanks to all who entered!

27th April 2009 – BlizzCon 2009 ticket contest announced!

We have BlizzCon tickets to give away - find out more on WoWWiki:BlizzCon Contest 2009!

27th April 2009 – Screenshot contest winners!

The winners of the recent screenshot contest (to win one of five Arthas: Rise of the Lich King novels) are now available on Forum:WoWWiki Screenshot Contest Spring 2009! Thanks to everyone who entered.

7th May 2009 – WoWWiki forums!

It's been a long time coming, but WoWWiki finally has forums :) They take over from our village and Warcraft pumps, and should hopefully make discussion (and life) a lot easier. Visit them at Forum:Index, and find out more about them on Forum:Welcome to the forums!

1st May 2009 – WoWWiki and Xfire in-game browser!

Fresh from a partnership with Xfire, we are proud to announce that WoWWiki will serve as the default in-game web browser for Xfire while playing WoW. That’s right, no more alt-tabbing, throw away your second monitor, close your laptop, put your pants back on... er, you get the picture. Visit the forums for more info!

30th April 2009 – WoWWiki upgrades: now on MediaWiki 1.14!

As part of WoWWiki continual upgrade plan we are now running the latest stable release of MediaWiki, and have also seen several new feature releases over the past few months. Please see WoWWiki:Upgrades for more info!

27th April 2009 – Screenshot contest time!

Not only are we nearing 75,000 articles, but it's time for a contest :) We're running a screenshot contest on, where you can win one of five Arthas: Rise of the Lich King novels. Enter and see if you can win!