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The Skywall
Unnamed level 80-82 dungeon
Unnamed raid
Unnamed level 81-83 dungeon
Sunken City of Vashj'ir
Abyssal Maw, level 81-83 dungeon
Unnamed level 82-84 dungeon
Unnamed raid
Halls of Origination, level 83 dungeon
Lost City of Tol'vir, level 84-85 dungeon
Blackrock Mountain
Blackrock Caverns, level 85 dungeon
Blackwing Descent, raid inspired by Blackwing Lair
Grim Batol
Unnamed level 85 dungeon
Unnamed raid against Deathwing
The Firelands
Raid against Ragnaros
New old-world dungeons gaining 5-player Heroic mode
Shadowfang Keep
New arenas
New battlegrounds
Tol Barad (World PvP)

Warcraft news   (news you can edit!)

20th October 2009 - Don't Buy Gold! It makes baby murlocs cry.

If that isn’t enough to dissuade you all by itself, you might be interested in checking out the informational webpage that Blizzard have put together to make sure players have the facts about the negative impact of purchasing gold and using power-leveling services. Read all about it here!

14th October 2009 - Blizzard Halloween Pumpkin Contest: The Return

The Royal Photographic Society of Azeroth is renewing its competition in celebration of Halloween. In a longstanding Blizzard Entertainment tradition, this year they are proud to announce their seventh annual pumpkin-carving contest. Visit the official contest page for more details!

13th October 2009 - Saving Private Ryan's Robert Rodat attached to write Warcraft flick

Director man Sam Raimi has revealed the 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'The Patriot' screenwriter, Robert Rodat, is going to be crafting "an original story" for Warcraft. Raimi says they'll be "really faithful" to the game lore, he wants it "accurate and true" to Azeroth's inhabitants. So gold farmers confirmed? It will feel like a "'World of Warcraft' adventure." Read more at Strategy Informer.

12th October 2009 - China Tightens Regulation On Foreign Online Game Operation

Due to the Chinese regulatory authorities, it may be harder for foreign companies such as Blizzard to operate and even distribute game updates in China. NetEase which currently operates the Chinese version of World of Warcraft and saw its stock fall 5 percent after the announcement. This new came only weeks after World of Warcraft finally restarted for Chinese players, also due to Chinese government regulation problems. Read more at Gamasutra.

12th October 2009 - WoW Conversion Coming!

In preparation for the launch of new features, on November 11, 2009, all current World of Warcraft players will be required to merge their World of Warcraft accounts with a account in order to log in to the game. Find out more here.

10th October 2009 - The October Gadgetzan Times is here!

Brought to you straight from a printing press deep in the frozen hills of Icecrown, the new edition of the Gadgetzan Times has hit the stands and is packed full of Azerothian goodness. Read it here.

2nd October 2009 - Blizzard Entertainment on YouTube!

The official Blizzard Entertainment YouTube channel has arrived - check it out at

2nd October 2009 - Blizzard Entertainment's new website is live!

Blizzard have completely redesigned their main website - take a look around at

1st October 2009 - Patch 3.3.0 now available on the Public Test Realm

The Public Test Realm (PTR) is up and running with upcoming Patch 3.3.0 changes. Included is the Forge of Souls, one of the new 5-man dungeons at the Icecrown Citadel is available for testing. See the Patch 3.3.0 notes for details.

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The Wailing Caverns is probably the first major instanced dungeon (outside of a major city) that lower-level Horde players encounter. While the level of relative difficulty is fairly low, this instance is quite large and a minimum of 90 minutes should probably be set aside by players wishing to complete it.It is a visually beautiful and deeply atmospheric area, with an unusually high level of detail. Another appealing element of this dungeon is the high number of item-yielding boss monsters, given the level of difficulty. A standard five man group of adventurers within the level 17-20 range will find themselves returning from here to the Crossroads with as much loot as they can carry, after having had a highly entertaining 1-3 hours.

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23rd October 2009 – Create a Wiki of Warcraft magazine!

Print your own WoWWiki coffee table magazine with Wikia & HP's new print on demand service, MagCloud. Find out more here!

24th August 2009 – Kirkburn's BlizzCon 2009 report

Kirkburn has written up his first-hand experiences of worgen and goblin starting areas - check it out at WoWWiki:Kirkburn's BlizzCon 2009 Report.

1st July 2009 – BlizzCon 2009 ticket contest winners!

View the winners here. Congratulations, and thanks to all who entered!

27th April 2009 – BlizzCon 2009 ticket contest announced!

We have BlizzCon tickets to give away - find out more on WoWWiki:BlizzCon Contest 2009!

27th April 2009 – Screenshot contest winners!

The winners of the recent screenshot contest (to win one of five Arthas: Rise of the Lich King novels) are now available on Forum:WoWWiki Screenshot Contest Spring 2009! Thanks to everyone who entered.

7th May 2009 – WoWWiki forums!

It's been a long time coming, but WoWWiki finally has forums :) They take over from our village and Warcraft pumps, and should hopefully make discussion (and life) a lot easier. Visit them at Forum:Index, and find out more about them on Forum:Welcome to the forums!

1st May 2009 – WoWWiki and Xfire in-game browser!

Fresh from a partnership with Xfire, we are proud to announce that WoWWiki will serve as the default in-game web browser for Xfire while playing WoW. That’s right, no more alt-tabbing, throw away your second monitor, close your laptop, put your pants back on... er, you get the picture. Visit the forums for more info!

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